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Sword Art Online Episode 1
Sword Art Online Episode 3

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  1. You know this is really where the anime hooked me in. Very sadly later on in the show it starts sucking, like, horribly bad. Plotholes and very forced character development destroy the show for what it’s worth and hence is only worth watching if you decide to just turn off your brain, this is a sad, but very true fact.

    • Well actually, the books do a better job with that. The anime mainly tries to get you hooked to go read the books. Media that is based off of books, comics or any of the sort, they will use majority of the material, but wont because of time restraint.

  2. 10th time watching

  3. Asuna got way too much screen time in the opening! When i first saw this anime I knew from the start which girl hewould end up with.

  4. WOW this anime so awesome!!

  5. it’s like the 10th time i watch sao lol

    • same

    • Yup same

    • Same here

    • I concur

    • SAME!!! 😀

      • i would call you guys losers if i werent the SAME 😛

    • Same:)

  6. c:

  7. Y wud he do that she was the biggest help he had

    • he did it 4 the others, he sacrificed himself cuz the others were starting to not trust the others anymore, thats why

  8. maybe it’s a stupid question but it’s just something i don’t understand. Why is Kirito a cheater, ik he’s a beta-tester but why is he also a cheater?

    • He used his knowledge of the early part of the game to beat the other players to the best farming spots and resources, giving himself an early advantage in level and skills. In the right light, other players who had to learn the game tediously for fear of being killed saw this as cheating.

    • Because he has more information about the game than the other players who didn’t play in the beta

    • the book they mentioned @ the beginning was a basic getting started guide using info from the beta testers. everyone got it and it was free so basically, every1 is bitching because kirito knows wut the fuck he’s doing and they don’t

  9. Much better than Toradora, so far.

    • How can you compare SAO to Toradora?
      They are completely different anime.
      And yes it is quite better.

      • yea you cant compare SAO to Toradora because you cant compare a rubbish to a anime

      • you say you can’t compare them and then say one is better lmao

  10. How to save a few lives and prevent a conflict that will now smolder for the remainder of the season: “Wait a second guys, this thing was not in the beta!”

  11. Wow Kirito sounds like a jerk..basically “I’m better than all the other beta testers” -.-

    • If you watch it closely, you realize that in the first episode he states that he only made it to floor 8. That alone suggests that this statement is not arrogance. In fact, it is self-sacrifice, for the sake of healthy relationships between the rest of the beta testers and the new players. By saying that he is far more powerful and has far more knowledge, and then withholding that information, he directs most of the anger and hatred from the new players at himself, thus allowing the beta testers and regular players to work together. That’s what the flashback to Diabel saying “for everyone” right before Kirito starts laughing is meant to imply.

    • You know he is not you are the jerk. Spoiler alert he dies to save everyone in the game! You are the jerk!

      • If I were you I’d delete this comment before someone else reads it. Thanks a lot for the spoiler

      • It’s not a spoiler whatsoever for that never happens… nice try at spoiling though buddy ^.^

        • it is a spoiler :3 and it actually did happen

          • It is a spoiler but never not not happens doesnt.

          • he never died except if it’s at the end of soason 2 he doesn’t die, only a fake moment to let us think he died

      • f* you srsly you tricked me with this fake spoiler, why would you do that???? it’s just mean, io came to the comments to ask something i didn’t understood and saw thisn i hate people like you

        • he didn’t Kirito did die in the game but he didn’t die IRL (in real life). For all we know it could have been Kayaba’s will for Kirito not to die IRL

        • I mean He didn’t lie

      • This is a BS spoiler read the synopsis for season 2 it speaks about Kirito hence he does not die.

        • i think the fatc that season 2 EXISTS implies he didn’t die

    • No You are the jerk he is the only one who made it in the 8th floor the highest floor that everyone reached by the Other beta Tester

  12. Good

  13. This is the best show I have ever watched

  14. the feeeeeels

    • http://sao-episodes.net/sword-art-online-episode-2/#respond


    • RIGHT?! I almost cried on the first episode .. This is not a cartoon, it is so different from regular cartoons omf I love it so much ;__;

    • I almost cried on the first episode .. This is not a cartoon, it is so different from regular cartoons omf I love it so much ;__; When Kirito said that he felt more alive there than in the real world .. It reminds me of how I feel and why I would rather play games and get lost in them … Then join the outside world. The feeling of seclusion makes me feel secure. .

      • PUH-LEASE, u ain’t seen NOTHING yet. just wait until episodes 10 or so onward to 14 and the end of season 2. you will frikin’ die crying especially the 3rd episode(that episode ruined that song 4 me. all i can think of when i hear it now is that character)

        • best fight of kirito for me is againts gleamed eyes thing just saiyan :)

    • if you cry in episode 2 w8 till the later episodes this is a Anime that will realy get you, i love it<3

  15. what happened to sword art online episode?

  16. Gonna stop watching this. The girl completely ruined it for me.

    • dude you’re missing out big time if you don’t watch this

    • Jeez man, give it a shot! You can’t quit on the second episode because of one character! She even left the party!


  18. Wow

  19. I want way more episodes of the sao world :(((( 15 are not enought :0 :(((

    • It’s your lucky day bud.

  20. I love s.a.o it is such a good anime series

  21. The game system they’re useing Kiritimati said in episode 1 they had its own battery life and pretty much its on internet spot for its own system so yeah

  22. Im only on my second episode and I think that I saw a big flaw in the series :( even though it rocks! on the first episode one of the characters needs to log out cause he’s hungry right? so how come they survived 1 month without food?

    • Their bodies have been moved to hospitals and their getting fed like coma patients.

      • how are they moved to hospitals cause they die when getting disconnected right?

        • the nervegear has an internal battery so it doesnt have to be connected to a power source for a while

        • The nerve gear has an internal battery so that won’t matter

      • I knew it, I was sure about that.

        • dam i was taking a walk and thinking about this very problem, i came to conclude that they were probably on iv therapy. guess i was right…

  23. hahahaha, my internet connection sux arse won’t let me play a damn video 😀

  24. with me its the same, it stops avery 2 sec!!!!

  25. some people don’t watch carefully episode one if they ask why he didn’t hael himself…like come on :/

  26. It stops every 2 sec. On my tablet and loads… wtf is going on???

    • Sir what you are experiencing is the crappiness of your internet, or the crappiness if a tablet. 😀

  27. He wasnt healed because he was about to die, and the game master specificly said no reviving is allowed anymore

    • you sir may be retarded…. nowhere in the whole series did The gamemaster ever say reviving wasnt allowed if a player was close to death, he was still breathing therefore he could have taken the potion and been saved, but Diabel didnt want to be saved because he wanted to be remembered and avenged by everyone working hard to complete the game

  28. All this is awesome but why did Diabel had to die ? The healing potion was right there in his hand :(….
    He’s reclaimed his honor a samourai would say but Diable said he was a kinght. WHYYYYYYYyyyyyyy…………

  29. I completely watched the whole season in last friday but i’m watching it again..

    • thats dumb….

      • It’s not really dumb, I mean like some people enjoy it thats all.

      • it too good, i watched the series 5 times already!!!

        • Ive watched it too many times i lost count. 😛 i even fangurled at the second season.

          • i’m watching it my second time and i started on friday

  30. Y u refuse healing potion Diabel? You wanna die?

    • why don’t u watch episode 1, just saying.

    • he’s emo

  31. I watched this like 3 times and I am thinking why the fuck we dont have VVMMORPG

    • Because no one could play them. Think about it:
      -Need some kind of magic solution for network latency problems, that much info back and forth between client and server is going to lag like hell.
      -Might get trapped in a game
      -Neuroscience hasn’t really advanced very far at all as far as computer communication with the brain
      -No one could afford them. WoW is expensive enough.

      • I agree.
        I jump up and down and agree that Wow is expensive.

  32. Nice

  33. I enjoy watching SAO but i can’t watch it on my ipad mini :(

  34. Too cool. Hikikomori mode.

  35. after watching this i’m scared of VR now 0.o

  36. Toot toot

  37. hai

    • HI

  38. hi

  39. Cette video ne marche pas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Essaie de changer le player en haut de la fenetre. Choisit flashplayer ou de quoi d’autre.

  40. All u retards out there u do fliping know there is a game for this but not like go into game just a fuckin game that’s sold in japan. I mean come on people I’m twelve and I know this but u don’t!

    • Watch your language Mr. Twelve-year-old. I don’t know who you think you are calling people retards, but you ought to cut that stuff out you little bastard. Also, you might want to pay more attention in your literacy class. Be a better person dude.

      • You sound like a bastard. Mister goody two shoes.

      • AHAHA. Let me correct your sentences: “Be a better person, dude.”
        “, but you ought to cut that stuff out, you little bastard.” “Watch your language, Mr. Twelve-year-old.” (There’s no such thing as a “person dude”.)

        • You lack the capacity to understand humor. Please go watch five hours of sarcastic comedy before returning to the internet. I recommend Sienfield.

        • This is what we call..grammar nazi!! correcting typo’s and whatever else annoys them in one fell swoop. nanananananan grammar naziiii!! yea, dude..no one like’s a grammar nazi.


      • Haha! Okay, fair enough. I’ll take the hits.

        Well kirito9876, looks like I owe you an apology. Please continue to troll the internet calling people retards, as you like. Don’t worry about insulting or hurting anyone who might have severe mental disabilities.

        Oh, internet! You never cease to bring me constant entertainment.

  41. if i were in that state i will commit suicide(being in vritual world forever)

  42. watching serious all over again just love it i learnd a little from it

  43. The Design of SAO remind me of Spiral Knights